7 Cool Home Based Business Ideas For Baby Boomers

All the 7 cool home based business ideas for baby boomers need to start small. Too many online and other businesses fail as they try to start to big and incur too many expenses far too soon.

Too often the business owner has their eye on the prize and not the nuts and bolts of creating a good small home based business. Stat small!

That way you can build a solid foundation and make sure your business runs for as long as you want it to run. Just remember that to build a home based business it takes a lot of patience and time.

7 Cool Home Based Business Ideas For Baby Boomers

1. Freelance Writing

You may not think freelance writing is a cool home based business but it sure can turn into one. If you are not a short story of fiction writer you can put together movie scripts like Sylvester Stallone did.


You can do how to books or package your experience up in a way that it will be interesting for others to read and learn from. You do not have to be a content or academic writer to make it in the freelance writing biz.

2. Travel Agency

The world is full of people wanting to travel and see the sites of another country. These destinations are not limited to historical places.

They can be for beaches, museums, and other places of interest. Plus, travelers like to climb mountains and they all need a nice place to stay before and after their climb

The travel deals you can create through your home based travel agency is unlimited. You just have to find and work with the right companies.

3. A Home Drug Store

Medication and other pharmacy items are getting very expensive these days especially with the American laws governing the industry. You can help people save money on needed medicines by becoming a part of the discount drug network.

This is an affiliate business and you get prescription cards you hand out to your clients. Every time they use your card, you get paid. This is a good home based business where you can feel good about what you are doing.

4. Personal Safety Business

This business can have several facets to it.

– First, you can help your aging baby boomer friends feel and be safe in their homes by doing age safety assessments.

– Then, you can market different products like pepper spray, stun guns, tasers, personal alarms and more safety products.

– Third, you can help monitor smoke and other alarms in the home by diversifying into smoke alarm monitoring. Safety is a big field. If you are skilled at selling you can help people be worry free as they go about their daily lives.

5. Real Estate Industry

You do not always need a real estate agents or broker’s license to be involved in real estate. There are many different opportunities that you can run out of your home.

One option is to be part of the national home inspectors service. You get the tools, training and help you need to get set up in your home.

Or you can be a foreclosure cleaning service that helps clean u[p properties that have been foreclosed on. These are just two of the businesses you can run from your home that are apart of the real estate industry

6. Business Consulting

Afraid that by the time you retire you will be a forgotten person filled with a life time of experiences that made you a business success. Well you can start your own business consulting service and help the younger generation avoid the mistakes you made.

Take advantage of what you have learned and put it to some good personal use. Even after retirement age you can be an active, constructive and contributing member of society. You just have to learn how to market yourself and your experience, knowledge and expertise.

7. Guest Lodging

If you like to meet people and learn about different cultures. Then you can open your home to individual and couple travelers. AirBnB and VRBO have revolutionized where people stay when they are on the road.

You can be apart of that trend and learn about different cultures by opening up a spare room or two in your home and spend countless hours with your visitors. You could open up a spare home, rental house, or other property you may own and make a traveler’s dream vacation even better.

Some Tips To Creating Your Home Business

1. Does this home based business fill a need? That is an important question you need to answer. Sometimes certain fields are highly competitive and you need to find a quieter industry to work in.

2. Find the right target audience. To do that you just need to ask yourself do you want to stay local, go national or worldwide?

3. How long before you begin operations? This is another good question to ask yourself as you need to cover expenses up until you open up for customers.

4. What does it take to launch the business you are considering? You need to know about permits, permissions, expenses and other details before you get started in the business.

5. Is this going to be a full time effort? You may not want to do a business because it cuts in on your planned retirement activities. Ask yourself if this business will be full time or part time before investing in it.

7 Cool Home Based Business Ideas For Baby Boomers: Some Final Words

Finding a home based business that you can do in your golden years is not going to be hard. The world is full of different opportunities you can do from the comfort of your own home.

The key is taking the time to find out which one is right for you and your situation. There is no one size fits all home based business.

These 7 are just the tip of the iceberg. However, they are 7 cool home based businesses ideas for baby boomers.

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