Are Traffic Exchanges Worth The Effort?

Websites need traffic and that is the basis on which traffic exchanges operate. It helps people who want traffic for their websites to assist each other in a mutual exchange of clicks.

It’s a scratch my back I scratch yours kind of a system. When the exchange is well designed, managed and regulated, it can indeed boost website views and even traffic to a web page depending on the number of times it is shown.

Users of traffic exchanges can benefit from the feedback offered by their fellow website owners and their audiences. They can also gain new audiences by striking new readers with exciting offers worth sharing.

How Do Traffic Exchanges Work?

When you join a traffic exchange you have to give the exchange your URL so that it can be circulated into its network of other website owners. You won’t get any traffic for just joining for free or as a paid member.

You are best to give a url to a landing page you want to promote. Many people try and build their mailing list from traffic exchanges and just through sheer numbers to get some subscribers even if the quality is not the best.

To accrue traffic views to your website or landing page you must spend time viewing other members websites. To do that you will need to browse or surf as it is referred to and view the other pages as they pop up on your screen.

As you view pages that pop up you are earning credits to have your pages shown. How many credits you earn depends on the traffic exchange.

Generally as a free member you will earn one credit for 2 or 3 pages you view. As a paid member you can get that number to an equal one for one exchange. You view a page and your page gets shown to other members.

The Good

– You are getting eyeballs on your website or landing page.
– You can get new subscribers to build your list.
– It is easy to do.

The Bad

– The quality of traffic is poor.
– Sitting and viewing ads or pages is boring.
– Your computer is more susceptible to viruses the longer you are in the exchange.
– People game the system by running multiple programs at once and never really even see your page.

Final Thoughts: Are Traffic Exchanges Worth The Effort?

If you are going to join a traffic exchange you are better off to upgrade to a paid member. Then promote a landing page and try and build your mailing list from it.

This will get your page shown a certain amount of time without sitting in front of your computer and clicking on ads. Otherwise in my opinion these are for the most part a waste of time. You can find better ways to build a real quality mailing list.

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