Are You A World Class Thinker?

The mantra of a world class thinker according to Steve Seibold of The Mental Toughness blog is “I am responsible”.

A mantra is a slogan or a saying.

World class is among the best in the world at something.

A thinker is someone who exercises the mind, or someone who thinks deeply about something.

When you break it down it is easy to see how a world class thinker feels they are responsible. No where is this more evident then when it pertains to baby boomers and starting and running their own home business.

Anyone of any legal age can start a home business very easily on the Internet. Building a successful home business on the other hand is a little harder.

Baby boomers do well because we are used to accepting the responsibility to put in the work. This means learning skills and finding a business model we want to use for our home business.

We are not going to blame anyone when the going gets rough. On the other hand we are happy to pass around credit where it is due.

Baby Boomers Are World Class Thinkers!

If you want to read a good book pick up How Rich People Think by Steve Seibold. In it he compares the middle class to the world class on how they think, their habits, and their philosophies. The idea here is copy the world class thinkers in how they think, how they act, and you to can get rich.

Bizzy Boomers has read this book and can highly recommend it!

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