Bill Oreilly Is A Baby Boomer Making Money Online

I have always been a fan of Bill O’Reilly. His Factor program on Fox News was the best as evidenced by his #1 ranking on cable news for 20 years.

He reportedly was earning in the $15-$20 million a year range on Fox. It gave him a platform to promote his top selling books and raise money for charity. His net worth is a very healthy $85M according to Celebrity Net Worth.

A couple of years ago Fox fired him and he found himself in the position many baby boomers find themselves in. He was not yet 70 and he needed something to do and his income took a big hit.

What did he do?

He turned to the Internet and I have to say he has done a great job of creating a new money making career. Here is what he has going….

His own website

Active on Twitter

Email updates everyday

Daily podcast and on tv Mon-Thur.

– Still writing books he sells using all of the social media he is in.

Think about it this way. Bill O’Reilly used to make fun of the machines as he called them. (smartphones, tablets, computers). He was not active in any way on Twitter.

He had several offers to come back to tv and I know he looked at them. Ultimately he decided he could make as much money working for himself.

Why get back into the corporate game if you do not have to. So, once again Bill O’Reilly is at the top, but in a different way.

Millions of people see him in a variety of ways everyday. It is a great lesson for all of us baby boomers who are unemployed or facing retirement.

Start a business, get a blog or website, find something meaningful to sell, use social media to create your brand and make sales, and stay active everyday or several times a week.

We are not famous like Bill O’Reilly, but people still come online looking for information. You can make money giving it to them just like Bill does.

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