Boomers Are Having Success With This Business Model Strategy

To consider the business model strategy boomers are having success using you first need to understand what a business model is. And know the answer is not Christie Brinkley 🙂

Let’s use Bizzy Boomers as an example and think of this in 3 parts.

1. What is a business model? This is how and where you run your business. A digital blog and autoresponder is an example of the business model Bizzy Boomers is using.

2. What is a business plan? This is what your company does. We provide useful home business tips for baby boomers on our digital blog and email updates.

3. What is a business revenue model? Display ads such as Google AdSense are common online.

We love the display ads and contextual ads using affiliate programs to generate revenue form our digital blog and email autoresponder.

OK let’s get more into this business model and the ideas for using it!

Digital Blog

We use Wealthy Affiliate to run our digital blog 100% online. We host it there and add new content all of the time.

What we are noticing is our traffic is increasing as we add more content. Google is a big help with this. So is the second largest search engine, Bing.

Email List

In the case of Bizzy Boomers we have a sign up form at the top of our right hand sidebar. People can subscribe to our mailing list which we store in an autoresponder.

Our goal is to offer blog post updates via email whenever we post. I like this as opposed to publishing a scheduled newsletter. Plus people who read our blog, and like it, may want to know when we have published a new post.

We also have a link on the top and bottom menu people can click on and subscribe. We use Mail Chimp to manage our email and really like it.

Our Business Plan

This is really simple. We are a content blog focusing on helping baby boomers make money online.

The majority of our time is spent publishing new blog posts with useful tips and content. This means a lot of writing.

This may not be for everybody. We use my writing company Team Schuman for SEO blog writing. I write a lot of the content myself as well.

Revenue Model

For us it comes down to 2 main income streams.

1. Display ads. For this Google AdSense works well.
2. Affiliate links.
We put them in the body of the article with text links and banner ads.

Are You A Baby Boomer And Can You Do This?

Yes you can do this business model strategy. I like it because anyone can do this.

If you do not want to write you outsource it. Websites like have freelancers who will set up your blog and write content for a reasonable price.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is a good source for training and finding affiliate products to make money with. Join Google AdSense and use them for your display ads and make money whenever someone clicks on an ad.

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