Business Card Marketing

In this article we are going to talk about what I think is one of the easiest ways a baby boomer can make money. I am talking about business card marketing.

Why do I think this is so easy?

Because it is something any baby boomer (or anyone for that matter) can do and be making money online literally in 24 hours or less.

Here are the basics.

You need to join an affiliate program that has a product, service, or opportunity to promote.

Why affiliate marketing?

Bizzy Boomers has always loved the affiliate marketing business model because you do not need a product of your own. And unlike network marketing your success is not going to be determined by your ability to build a large network of distributors.

Here is how to combine affiliate marketing and business card marketing.

1. Join an affiliate program. Bizzy Boomers suggests you join join Wealthy Affiliate for free and then upgrade to premium which is $19 for the first month.

2. Locate your affiliate url in the affiliate members area. This is your affiliate page that is coded with your affiliate id.

3. Buy a domain name in your Wealthy Affiliate members area. Buy your name if you can.

Something like Surprisingly there are literally millions of domain names left and you will be able to find your name or some version of it.

Other versions if your name is taken as a dot com domain name would be to buy the .net, .biz, .org, .co, .name, or something along this line.

Your domain name might be or etc.

One other thing you could do is use your last name with the word team in front of it. It might be or

You get the idea. What you buy is not as important as buying a domain name. Your domain name will cost you around $13.99 a year.

Once you have your domain name here is your next step.

4. Forward your domain name to your Wealthy affiliate page.

Bizzy Boomers loves Wealthy Affiliate because of their live customer support. They will even help you choose a domain and forward it to your affiliate page if you have any problems.

Buy Your Business Cards

5. Order some business cards. Buy local if you can.

Otherwise go online. is always running specials.

You can get 500 really nice cards from them in a week or so. It is even faster if you want to pay a little more for shipping.

You can put whatever you want on them, but keep it simple. Your main focus is to get your Domain Name front and center so people will go visit it.

You can put a catchy little saying under the domain name. Something like “Is This The Best Home Business Opportunity?”


Check This Out If You Need More Money

Hand Out Your Business Cards

6. Hand out your business cards everywhere you go. Say something simple like “Not sure if you are interested in making more money or not.

Here is my business card with my domain name to check out. If you are not interested give it to someone who could use it. I am trying to help as many people as I can”!

That is it?

If more conversation develops from there so be it. You can always suggest they contact you via phone, email, or chat if they want to talk further. You would also need your name, phone and email address on the card, but nothing more.

Don’t Wait To Start Making Money

Until your cards arrive write your domain name on a piece of paper, or even a napkin if you are at a restaurant, and hand that out. Again just a short comment like….

I’m out of business cards, but you should check out my website if you want to make more money.

Write it on a piece of paper and hand it to them.

You can do business card marketing throughout your day. You do not have to dress up and it takes no practice to get started.

Just be normal!

Call your closest associates and do the same thing. Give them your domain and see what they say.
You could even text them with a short message. Check out my new money making website. Would love to work with you.

This Is Easy

We hope you get the idea how easy this is. We read once there are over 50 kinds of marketing a business could do.

Here is what Bizzy Boomers knows.

You do not need….

– your own product
– to build a website
– to start a blog
– to learn SEO
– to do email marketing
– social networking
– you tube video marketing
– any type of Internet marketing
– and anything more.

Your marketing costs are $10 for the cards and in the case of Wealthy Affiliate the cost of the membership which is $49 a month.

Trial Offer-Join Wealthy Affiliate for free. Upgrade to premium which is $19 for the first month and then $49 a month after that. This gives you time to completely check out the program and see how to make money with it.

You will earn $23.50 in commissions when someone joins on your affiliate page so you are quickly in profit mode. This is a recurring income membership so you get paid every month on sales you make and commissions are paid every week!

This is great. Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here.

Contact Us with any questions. We will even help or do the domain forwarding for you!

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