Handicapped Baby Boomer Work From Home Ideas

Guest Post By Shirley Dawson

Are you handicapped or disabled and want to work from home? In this article I want to give you some handicapped baby boomer work from home ideas that may help.

My name is Shirley Dawson and I am 65 years old and I need a wheelchair to get around. I spent 33 years working in the regular workforce and then retired.

However, even though I am retired, I want to earn enough to supplement my retirement income. I was born in 1953 (yes, I’m part of the “Baby Boomer” generation born between 1946 and 1964).

This generation is rapidly growing older and looking toward retirement as my research shows me. Many “boomers” may be like me and want to earn a supplemental income or maybe they are also handicapped Baby Boomers who need work at Home Ideas.

It is hard to find statistics on precisely how many disabled Americans do work from home, but almost 7% of our population who are disabled telecommute some or even all of the time instead of commuting to an office or workplace. Then, thinking of Americans with disabilities who have jobs that are fully based at home, that number is sure to be much higher.

It is certainly hard to find all work at home (WAH) jobs when you are not disabled, but even harder when you have medical issues that are challenging.

I wanted to share some of what I’ve learned from my own research and experience.

There Are Legitimate Ways To Earn Money From Home, Even If You Are Handicapped

work from home handicapThere are certainly different forms of disablement and handicaps. Not everyone has a back that is like mine with degenerative discs and can’t walk well. Maybe you have a disability yourself.

Some people have hearing loss, visual impairment, some have limbs that are not working well, maybe you have had a stroke, but have recovered mostly from it. You will definitely not want to fall for the many SCAMS that are online.

If you feel that you have skills that can be useful, you can look for work that is compatible with your health and abilities.

Searching For The Right Work From Home Job

When you are ready to find a work at home (WAH) job, begin by writing down your skills and the reasons you want to work from home instead of going to an office to work.

Some of the things I wrote down for skills I had developed over the years were:

• I am proficient at English, speaking and writing it and very literate.

• I can write well and compose business and other correspondence.

• I am an excellent typist and am very comfortable using my computer and the internet.

• I am very proficient with Microsoft Office products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and good at using email.

• I have experience in creating websites with different software (FrontPage, MS Expression Web, Dreamweaver, and some HTML AND css).

• I am proficient with graphic software, Photoshop for one, Paint Shop Pro also.

• I am very good at using the world wide web, searching and researching subjects (people are amazed at how quickly I can find things on the web).

• I have experience teaching IT classes in a business environment.

• I have experience programming phones on a Nortel Meridian Switch.

• I have skills in photography and editing images (I ran my own Photography Studio for several years).

• I am an artist and can create with traditional mediums like acrylics and oils and also digital mediums like Corel Painter.

• I am a proficient reader and read all kinds of books.

• I can be self-disciplined and actually somewhat of a perfectionist at times.

After I finished my list of skills, I considered what type of work I would truly enjoy. My main requirement was that I wanted to work from home. I know I did not want to have a commute, nor 9-5 hours and I didn’t want to have to dress up.

I wanted more relaxing work that I could schedule my own times to work. I did not want an 80 hour week, but part-time hours. I wanted to work from home using my computer and my internet connection and do something that I could manage from my wheelchair. So I considered what work my skills would allow me to do.

Here is that list:

• I love editing images and Photoshop work so graphic work would be very interesting.

freelance writer• I love reading and can write, so creating book reviews would be something I could do or some form of writing or proofreading would be interesting.

• I can create art and try to sell it online.

• I can create websites, so I can create sites for small businesses and others wanting a site.

• I can teach things like Word and PowerPoint and Excel. So training or tutoring might be possible.

• I am an excellent typist, so virtual business/office assistant type work would be possible.

• I can use a transcriptions machine and have transcription equipment, so transcription is a possibility.

Next, I looked for potential work from home jobs that are available online. I found several types of work that can be accomplished from home and made a list of the possibilities.

1. Freelance Writer. I could write for other people online. I would need to build a reputation and get good reviews in order to make more and get more work. Each site has it’s own rules and requirements. I decided that I would rather write for myself than write for someone else and also that I wanted to choose my own subjects to write about – ones I have a passion for.

• Fiverr.com
• Upwork.com
• Freelancer.com
• Mturk.com
• Textbroker
• iWriter
• HireWriters

2. Transciption. Medical or General.

Transcription work means listening to audio files and typing out what you hear. Transcription will usually require a high-quality foot pedal to start/stop the playback with your feet along with the popular Express Scribe transcription software.

Here are a couple of bundles that would be good for transcription work.

Bundle #1

Bundle #2

Transcription work can pay very well and you can find transcription work at several online spots.

• Rev.com
• Transcribe Anywhere
• TranscribeMe

I purchased a transcription equipment bundle and taught myself to use it but then found that I had a lot of trouble transcribing voices with accents and mumbling and with background noise, so I tabled that potential work at home job.

3. Translator. If you speak multiple languages well, this is an option. However, I only know English so not an option for me. Here are some sites to check out:

• Translators Cafe
• Proz

sell crafts online4. Selling Crafts/Art/Jewelry You Create. If you truly love creating great handmade items, art or jewelry, you can set up an online store to sell these. Some of the best places to sell are:

• Ebay
• Etsy.com
• RedBubble (art prints)
• Fine Art America (art prints)

I considered this and even set up an Etsy shop and uploaded some images to RedBubble and Fine Art America. I have sold 2 art prints but no more as of now. Maybe I’ll work on that again sometimes, but not as a main WAH job.

5. Online Surveys. There are many online survey companies you can sign up with to earn from completing surveys. I signed up for several and have earned quite a few Amazon Gift Cards at SwagBucks and Tellwut.

The only issue is that you are paid only a few pennies or points for completing a survey and you are not accepted for many of them, so time is wasted on those you screen out of which can be very frustrating. However, you can make some money depending on how much time you want to spend. I decided that it is too time-consuming for the small earnings you can make.

Here are a few survey company links:

• Swagbucks
• Tellwut
• Prize Rebel
• Opinion Outpost
• Global Test Market

6. Affiliate Marketing. You can create beautiful blog sites with WordPress and write blog posts. Some posts can be about promoting certain products or a product review.

You can place affiliate links within your blog posts to products you recommend. If a site visitor clicks on them and purchases something, you get a small commission.

wealthy affiliateAffiliate marketing can be very lucrative; some affiliate marketers are wealthy from their affiliate blog sites. However, it is not a “Get Rich Quick” deal. It takes training, hard work and patience while traffic to your site builds.

There are various ways you can learn about affiliate marketing (books, classes, online programs) but with online programs, you need to beware of SCAMS and there are a lot of them. I decided that affiliate marketing with WordPress blog sites fit my skills and was something I would enjoy creating and working on for years to come.

In my search for good training for this WAH job, I came across the Wealthy Affiliate University (WA) training program. It is online, has expert training using both text and videos, and good site hosting for WordPress blog sites and a huge, helpful community of affiliate marketers to network with.

I can create my blog sites and blog posts in my home office. I can work when I want, for as long as I want and my success is determined only by myself and how well I implement the training. I can wear whatever I want to work, even my PJs.

I can work at my desktop in my office, or my notebook on my deck, at a coffee shop or on vacation, as long as I have internet access and a notebook. I can use my writing and typing skills, my graphic and artist skills and learn the skills I do not already have.

WA is a paid training program with a FREE trial week, that you can signup for to check out all that is offered. I signed up for the FREE trial week and on Day 3 I decided that this was for me – the training and community were so awesome. I upgraded to a Premium Membership and with discounts for paying in advance; I average paying only $25/month for my membership.

I’ve been a member for over 4 years and have 17 blog sites now, and 4 for clients who pay me to manage their sites. These are all hosted free as part of my Premium Membership. I make enough to pay for my membership and some of my computer hobbies but I’m not rich yet.

However, I consider that my own fault. Due to some serious health issues, I had months at a time where I was unable to sit up and work at my computer. I also began working on too many sites at once (which the training says not to do). Well, I did it anyway and I took my time finishing the training and didn’t even try to monetize my blog sites until year 3.

But I’m now working steady and my sites are growing and traffic is rising and hopefully, 2019 will be the year I reach my financial goals.

My #1 recommendation for baby boomers and handicapped baby boomers work at home is to become an affiliate marketer and create affiliate blog sites. I also recommend the training at WA for preparing yourself to become a successful affiliate marketer.

You can read more about Wealthy Affiliates in my Detailed Review of the training program on my blog site “Earning Money in Retirement where I write about all things Affiliate Marketing and about WA.

In Summary: Handicapped Baby Boomer Work From Home Ideas

In conclusion to “Handicapped Baby Boomer Work at Home Ideas,” I have found ways to make small amounts of money doing small tasks online and a way to create massive potential wealth using Affiliate Marketing and blogging. I am very satisfied with my decision to learn to build blog sites and affiliate marketing.

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