How Are Baby Boomers Using Technology To Make Money Online?

When it comes to technology there is a lot out there in the online sphere. There are numerous baby boomers that are finding ways to utilize this technology to cash in.

If you feel like you’ve seen the light during COVID in terms of working join us because many of us have. We know we need innovative solutions to allow us to work even when people can’t necessarily congregate in the same space.

On this vein we will be talking about how baby boomers have found a new space to work online.

Take Surveys

Data mining is a huge trend right now. When I was in communications in college we were introduced to the methodology of conducting a study for clients. We made surveys and presented them to our target audience.

Then we went about analyzing the data. The data collection method through surveys is becoming even more advanced now.

It’s skyrocketed into an international empire. People are even viewing taking surveys as a side hustle, so you can imagine the magnitude that is out there. We can see the survey industry as the first step towards online data collection instead of university research studies and other more obsolete forms of data collection.

Website Design

Baby boomers are not known to be the most tech savvy. However, they’re the generation that is used to adapting to survive.

We are the people that brought us the industry of everything as it is today. If you like a business there’s a huge chance that a baby boomer built it up in their lifetime.

This is why the boomers are starting to create great websites like our blog. This “can-do” attitude has translated into us picking up their books, or their e-books, and starting to learn the ropes. We know that to keep a business great today you must have an excellent website.

The websites boomers are creating are epic, and chances are they’ve become so good at it that they’re ready to open up shop for clients. Their children will probably be their first customers.

Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a way to be great in the business sphere with little experience in business. You need the basic ideas.

Things like a good product supplier and a plan to help it sell, but the FBA is designed to level the playing field. You can order the products sent directly to the Amazon warehouse and then they ship them out. Ordinary people can become business moguls overnight.

There are other ways to sell online, but FBA makes the side hustle business possible. People who have extra capital to invest are choosing to forgo investing in the stocks and to instead go Amazon FBA.

They will have some risk. However, the worst thing they might have is products sitting in a warehouse that they instead decide to start shipping to friends and family for gifts.

Taking Orders for Companies at Home

There is a network for every good pizza joint, and other places as well, that runs directly through a phone line. This main line takes down the pizza orders and then they’re sent to their respective locations. It wouldn’t have been possible before, but thanks to technology, you can take these orders down from the comfort of your home.

Some baby boomers might want a job like this after they retire, but others might simply want to create this network for a company and sell it to them. These are the computer whizzes that know how to connect everything.

Think of a circle connected with dots and lines. It all comes out of the center portion. This is the person sitting at home taking down the orders and sending them out to the right location via computer.


Companies are going up and down and they need stakeholders to invest. Baby boomers have the capital to invest and see where their investments take them.

They can have online meetings via Skype, Zoom, or Facetime with their financial advisors. These professionals will tell them what’s doing well and how to invest.

You may think that stocks are a thing of the past. Not true! Thanks to this new online connectivity it is part of the wave of the future.

Consulting Services

If you are a professional with expertise in your field you are a prime candidate for consulting. You can set up your business online and utilize your old connections to work for them on a consultant basis.

You can also forge ties into the real world of business online. You are the master of your destiny when it comes to your career.

A baby boomer has lived generations in the field. They have observed a lot and they know how to fix many common problems that organizations encounter. If you want to get into consulting as a baby boomer, your expertise will be in high demand.

Writers and Journalists

A field that is dying is also coming to life again. It is burgeoning online thanks to the enthusiasts that make it possible.

These bloggers and field experts will contribute articles with something meaningful- life experience. They often say that twenty year olds do not make the best journalists.

This is where older and wiser contributors have a license to spill. They can use themselves as sources, and they can also be analysts in their fields. They know a lot so they make excellent niche journalists if they have trained in a certain profession. Blogging for income and for fun is great for baby boomers.

Conclusion: How Are Baby Boomers Using Technology To Make Money Online?

While there are other ways that technology is being utilized online these are the fields that baby boomers are getting into. Businesses online are exploding thanks to innovative technology.

You can encounter the baby boomers making it happen just as they did years before when the world looked a little differently. All in all, you can see the fields online, and you will encounter these avenues of commerce when you do something as simple as ordering pizza.

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