Simple Success Formula

I was listening to Paul Hutchings of The Home Business Academy where he talked about the bicycle of success.

Without going into everything he said one thing stuck out to me and I was surprised I was able to remember it an hour later to write it down.

To me this very simply is a success formula that if you could master nothing would hold you back from succeeding at anything in your own home business.


Mindset, plus skill set, times performance, equals results.

Pretty cool huh!

I have always felt that the biggest reason people fail to make money online is they never master 1 or 2 forms of traffic generation.
The other thing is they spend their time doing the wrong things. Things like building really long keywords lists, or hanging out on Facebook and calling it marketing.

We are going to get more into this success formula in the future as there is way to much to put down in this short blog post.