Is Starting An eCommerce Business Hard For Baby Boomers To Do?

Is starting an eCommerce business a hard thing for baby boomers to do? Not really. There are many different ways to get started including drop shipping. More and more baby boomers are looking at starting an online business of their own as a way to earn more money in retirement.

Unless it is a better mousetrap starting an eCommerce business is like starting any other business. It takes dedication, know how, making the right decisions and patience. So is starting an eCommerce business hard for baby boomers to do? Not if they know their stuff and can implement the right strategies.

Just Look At The Statistics

Many news outlets, financial media outlets and other business watchers focus on millenials. Why they do that is probably because that generation is the next shiny toy.

Once you look at the statistic you should be motivated to start your own eCommerce business and target your own generation. In the US alone, there are over 75 million baby boomers you can target.

That large group of people also control about 70% of the wealth in America and 92% of baby boomers shop online. Those stats should help you overcome the hesitation you feel about starting your own eCommerce business.

With the right training, and implementing the right SEO strategies as well as developing top shelf content, you can make it in business if you have the dedication and patience.

Reasons Why Boomers Should Start Their Own eCommerce Business

Not every baby boomer is like Sylvester Stallone who made millions in making and writing movies. Nor were they appointed to the position of CEO of Disney, Apple or some other top corporation. They just do not have the extra funds to help them enjoy their golden years.

One reason to start your own eCommerce business is to pad your retirement. Pensions do not go as far as they once did. Costs of living keeps rising and pensions do not. That makes having apart time online business important.

Another reason you should consider starting an eCommerce business is that health care costs are coming and they will not be cheap. Preparing for the worst helps you enjoy your golden years without worry. A patrt time online business will bring in needed funds to help you keep your savings intact for those medical emergencies.

A third reason to start an online business is so that you can do the things you always wanted to do or help you have the funds necessary to spoil your grandchildren. Plus an eCommerce business takes little start up costs and investment. You are not going to break the bank trying.

The Full Story Of eCommerce

The reasons to start an eCommerce business are great to get you inspired, but you need the full story so you know how to run your business and plan for the future. Here is the other side of the coin to help you get ready to start your online business:

#1. 80% of eCommerce businesses fail. That is because business owners do not plan right, have no business plan and other reasons. Three of those reasons are below:

Customers do not know how to use your site
Value of the product is not communicated correctly to your website visitors
They can’t navigate your sight because it is too difficult to do

Changes in those areas will help your business succeed.

#2. Customers want what they want when they want it. In other words you can have the best content and website but if yo do not have the product the customer will go somewhere else. Staying stocked up will help get the product to your customer when they want it.

#3. Complicated shipping options. The principle in speaking has always been keep it simple, stupid. The same principle comes with online shipping options. Keep it simple and have it work right.

#4. Have a good return policy. Also keep this short, simple and sweet. You earn customers through good return policies. You lose customers when the return policy is bad or non existent

Important Factors In Starting An eCommerce Business

There are at least 5 important factors you need to worry about when starting your eCommerce business. Those factors are listed below:

#1. Branding your company- your brand is your business identity.It is what helps you get known and helps boost advertising if it is good, memorable and on target. The brand also contains your values

#2. Use SEO wisely- by this we mean that the right SEO strategies will help bring traffic to your business website. The better the strategy the better the traffic. The right keywords are essential but so is content, and other SEO aspects. You need to do some research in this area to make your business to work

#3. User experience- if it is good on your website,m chances are people will return and read more of your content. They may also be easier to convince to buy the products you are representing. Do not have a confusing navigation or other system on your website,keep it simple and easy to use

#4. Stay transparent- that is one way you build trust. Allowing people to contact you easily provides them with confidence and builds your reputation. Also, stay away from hidden fees. Keep all costs up front and public and make sure your product information is clear and good

#5. Use social media- these outlets help you and your customers engage and provides you with a broader audience reach. The key is to go with the trending social media outlets and not the dying ones.

Is Starting An eCommerce Business Hard For Baby Boomers To Do? Some Final Words

As you can see starting an eCommerce business is not for the weak or those who give up to easily. It will take work and lots of good decisions to make your online business a success. Just like it does starting a traditional brick and mortar business except you may have a more flexible schedule.

Is starting an eCommerce business hard for a baby boomer to do? The answer is no, not if they have the experience and the dedication to make it work. The audience is there and waiting. You just have to figure out which business you want to do and make a good business plan.

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