Top Part Time Jobs For Baby Boomers

As a baby boomer making extra money doesn’t have to be online. To find the top part time jobs for baby boomers you can do a lot of research on your own computer, or you can just read our article.

We have done the work for you and are providing a cross section of traditional employment and online employment. There are a lot of opportunities out there for baby boomers who do not want to work full time any more.

Some can be very rewarding while others are just a pay check that helps you through retirement. Simply continue to read to get some of the best ideas so you can plan your future.

Part-time Jobs For Baby Boomers

1. Teaching

Whether you do this online or in a traditional classroom, teaching is a very rewarding experience. Not only can you receive good pay for part time work, you can help shape students’ lives and give them some very good advice.

Some states have a teaching shortage and are desperate for help. Filling that need can make you feel good about your retirement plans and help you reach your financial goals a lot quicker.

The pay is nothing to sneeze at either. So you get rewards financially and professionally. The only drawback is that in today’s educational environment, the teacher takes most of the blame while education officials take the credit.

Its a good job if you can handle the pressure. Search part time teaching jobs at Indeed.

2. Online Business

This can be done through a variety of ways and allows you to tailor your business activities according to your needs and schedule. Whether you write online courses, e-books or do affiliate marketing, the internet has lots of business employment opportunities that are top notch.

Plus, you can choose an opportunity that fits your personality. You are not stuck to just one way to make money. The chances available are more numerous than you can imagine.

It will take a little research and a little time to find the right one that fits your goals and needs. Just make sure you have the experience or the willingness to learn before you sing up.

Read 6 Online Home Business Ideas For Baby Boomers for more information.

3. Salesman

Even in this technological age manufacturers need people to market their products. One industry that is always looking for good salesmen is insurance. While most [people hate talking insurance and avoid insurance salesmen, this is still a good part time job that can bring in the bucks when you need it to.

All you have to do is sign up with the right company and find a good market to sell in. Easy right.!

It will take a little hard work as selling is hard no matter which industry it is in. However, the hours are flexible and you can still have time for that golf game with your buddies.

Check it out and see if this fits with who you are and if it will generate the revenue you need.

4. Copy Editor

You will need some journalism experience to do this part time job but if you can get it, it can be rewarding. There are a lot of well known websites that produce lousy copy in its articles and a good copy editor can clean those mistakes up if given a chance.

Also, you will have to know how to do referencing and other AP style of writing but those are easy to learn. The key is to make sure that what people read is beneficial to the company and gets the right message across.

The good news is this job can be done traditionally or over the internet. Plus, the internet version may even let you work remotely so you do not have to leave your house to get to work. You can have less stress and miss rush hour traffic working from home.

5. Security Guard

It is not glamorous but as a part time job, you can make money without over stressing yourself. There are always openings for security guards and in many cases it is a very relaxed work environment.

In addition you may even get your own uniform and gun. Two perks that come with doing a part time job. The pay is not as good as being a teacher but not everyone is cut out to be an educator, nurse, or even a consultant.

Then security guard positions come with a variety of locations. You can work outdoors or inside to match your preference. When you do not want a lot of stress or anxiety this may be the second career for you.

6. Nursing

In America alone there is a very great nursing shortage. The industry is in desperate need of qualified nurses. Even working part time can help meet this need and cut the emergency down to size.

If you have a nursing degree but never used it, this is a good time for you to put your education to work and help people. The pay for nursing will depend on the facility you get employed by and the job you can do. It is in your control what you get paid as you do not have to take the first job that comes along.

With this nursing shortage you can even relocate to a warmer climate and enjoy the same perks as the snowbirds when they visit in the winter. There are a lot of benefits that come with being a part time nurse.

7. Writer

This is another part time job that can be done online or at an office. It will depend on where you apply and who wants to hire you. If you want a low stress position that has the potential to make some good bucks then writing may be your ticket to a good retirement.

On top of that there are a variety of writing positions you can choose from. You can be a caption writer, a copy writer, an academic writer or even a content writer. The writing world has lots of positions available so you can make a good part time career being a writer.

The key to writing is to know you can write and not think you can do the job. Writing is often a lot tougher than it looks.

8. Real Estate Agent

Yes you need to get a license but there is always room for one more real estate agent. Especially when you are an honest one. The good thing is you do not have to produce the product. The product comes to you through its owners and you can list or sell at will.

Then the commission you get will really help pad your savings for retirement. You get to meet nice people and help them buy their first home or sell their last one. It takes a lot of hard work to be a good real estate agent but the rewards are there.

Alos, you can work your own hours so that you can be there when your family needs you. If you have a listing, you do not need to worry as other agents will be trying hard to sell that property for you.

Another Way To Get Into Real Estate

We came across another way a baby boomer could get into real estate and you do not need a license to do it. Become a real estate invstor and do it from home online. Patrick at Awesome REI has a great website and blog you can check out.

9. Bookkeeper

Basic math is a plus and a requirement but it is a good part time job with little stress and little travel. Also, you may need a certificate from a legitimate college but those are not hard to obtain.

One key ability you will need is to know how to handle a computer and bookkeeping software. If you are electronically inclined this may be a great part time job to help boost your pension and give you some living space.

The pay can reach up to $20 an hour or an annual salary, which ever you prefer and can negotiate with your new boss. Its a thought as not everyone has ahead for numbers or can handle a computer.

10. Crossing Guard

It may not be as glamorous as being a security guard but it may be more rewarding. You get to protect kids going to or from school and make new friends. The best part of it all is that you do not need special degrees, experience or other requirements alternative jobs demand.

The key to doing this job is being able to stand for long periods of time. As well as being able to handle the weather when the day turns out to be something other than sunny and warm.

Plus, there are no deadlines to meet, no business meetings to attend and no picky clients to please.

Top Part Time Jobs For Baby Boomers: Some Final Words

These are just ten part time opportunities baby boomers can get involved with. Some are more glamorous than others but not everyone is looking for that glamorous employment.

The top 10 part time jobs for baby boomers cover a wide range of industries and specialties. There should be one on this list for you. At least you are pointing in the right direction and can continue to look for a job that meets your criterion.

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