What About Marketing To Baby Boomers?

The idea of marketing to baby boomers is one of the primary themes of our Bizzy Boomers blog. So what about marketing to them?

Baby boomers are a generation of people that have made it through tough times. They have survived through building a national economy that many of us rely on.

They are the people that built the infrastructure of the world so well it is easily surviving through COVID. Without all the systems they put in place people would probably be scrambling for food and the other essentials.

With this in mind baby boomers represent a unique subset of the market. They have certain products already and most likely own a house or a condo. However, they will need to get other products such as things to accommodate their living conditions.

They also have wants as well, although they are known to be frugal at times. They have learned to save for children’s educations and futures, so they’re not liable to blow their retirement savings on frivolous ventures.

In this article, we will explore more about baby boomers and the niche that they present in the marketplace. We will look at what products that they want as well as how to sell them on what they could potentially purchase. We will also examine what they do for leisure.

What products do baby boomers want?

Baby boomers want to have things that make their lives better. For example, they would be the type to buy a snow blower to get rid of the snow off of their car and driveways. They might realize a shovel is exhausting and it would be a better use of their time to get a snow blower.

Other than utility items they might be the type to enjoy home decorating. The styles have changed in home decor over the decades.

Most people stay with the times rather than let their homes stay stuck in say the 80s. Baby boomers will spend time and money updating their decor to fit their surroundings.

Finally, baby boomers like to have nice cars and other gadgets. They will spend their time researching vehicles and technology equipment.

What is the best way to market to baby boomers?

Each generation tends to respond to a variant style of marketing. The baby boomers are not as interested in the digital world as the younger generations.

If you want to market to them I suggest that you stay off of platforms like Twitter and Instagram. These newer social medias do not have the same curb appeal to older people. Some even see them as vain and superfluous.

Baby boomers do like Facebook though.

Those who are on social media refer to people on Facebook as old people. This just shows that Facebook is primarily populated more by baby boomers.

You can set up Facebook ads, but they might question the reliability. It’s better to just go through Google Ads or a similar platform when wanting to market online. The baby boomers will enjoy seeing ads on their favorite sites and may even click through.

You can also advertise on TV and on the radio as baby boomers are high consumers of this. They also still read newspapers and magazines so this is a good approach as well.

What do baby boomers do for fun?

Baby boomers like to do all sorts of things for fun. They are avid travelers as they usually now have the money at this stage in their lives to do so. They also like to spend time with their kids and grand kids.

Baby boomers also have hobbies as they have learned to cultivate their boredom and curiosity over the years. These hobbies can range from dancing like Celine Dion took up to making boats in bottles.

The baby boomer generation practically invented fun as they learned how to entertain their children in an era where there were plenty of gadgets but just not enough yet to monopolize people’s time.

They limited their children’s TV consumption in favor of having them play outside in the backyard. Baby boomers also like to play in the backyard, but this is usually in the form of landscaping projects or other endeavors.

What do baby boomers care about?

Baby boomers care about their friends, neighbors, and their families. They know that family is important, but they also are aware that they need outside connections.

Those that worked outside of the home developed strong relationships with colleagues. They even develop friendships with their children’s friends as they got older.

Baby boomers are strongly into political, social, environmental, community, and religious movements. They want to invest in things that make a difference for other people.

Summary: Marketing To Baby Boomers

When you think about a baby boomer, you can probably think about people that have spent their entire years in careers. They have it all when it comes to life. They’re still young enough to enjoy themselves but old enough to not spend as much money on cosmetics and brand names.

You would be better off marketing a face lift to a savvy baby boomer than a cream with collagen. They probably already have researched that $200 collagen creams won’t do a lot when it comes to their skin. They are results orientated people, so if you want to sell them something, it better work.

You can also entice them with enticing getaways and trips to foreign parts of the world that they haven’t explored yet.

You can get baby boomers things that will make their homes look even better or function even more efficiently. These are the type of items that you will be marketing to the baby boomers.

A baby boomer might also want to pick up another hobby, so hobbyist crafts and ventures are something that a baby boomer would go for. You might not be able to market on social media to them as well. They also tend to stay away from clubs, but you never really know. If you open up a club marketed at the baby boomer age you might find they will come.

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