What Products Do Baby Boomers Want? Here Are The Top 5 Categories!

Creating your home business means you need to tap into your target audience’s desires. You need to find out what they want and when they want it. That is not an easy task. In this article you will find the answer to what products do baby boomers want.

These are the top 5 categories. Inside each of these categories you will find many different sub products that find a demand among baby boomers. All you have to do is continue to read our article to find out which of the categories make our top 5 list.

Top 5 Categories For Products Baby Boomers Want

It is always hard to create a top 5 or a top 10 list as baby boomers are like all other generations. Not everyone will want those products from the categories listed. Here are the 5 top categories that baby boomers search to find the products they want:

#1. Health & Beauty

This is a very in demand category and if it wasn’t there would be far fewer MLM corporations targeting this niche. Even baby boomers want to look and feel their best. That means they will search this category until they find the products that produce the results they are expecting.

It is not just the anti ageing or the moisturizing products that get baby boomers’ attention. The inexpensive price will turn their heads as well. They do not want to pay a lot to be healthy or look beautiful.

If you can bring the right health and beauty products to their computer or phone screen and marry those with the right price, you are on your way to success. That is just one step in the whole process of marketing to baby boomers.

#2. Jewelry

Like flowers, jewelry is a go to product when one wants to make their wife, children or even husband feel special. Jewelry is for everyone. There are so many nice product options you can choose from to lift the spirits of a loved one, a sick friend or even a nasty neighbor.

Inside each sub category in this general niche you will find lots of inexpensive as well as expensive gifts that will turn a sweetheart into a lifetime mate. A nice watch, a ring with a ruby or sapphire or even a very top quality ankle bracelet, bracelet or necklace will melt their hearts and keep your sweetheart close.

The beauty of jewelry is not limited to just 24 carat gold. You can find a lot of great looking pieces framed in silver and baby boomers may not be that selective. And if they are, that is okay as you will have that decision covered.

#3. Home Improvement Products

Even though the baby Boomer generation is probably the wealthiest generation in modern times, does it mean that they are above working on their homes. Home improvement products are great selling items as just about everyone likes to upgrade the look of their house.

Whether this is done inside or out doesn’t matter. You have a myriad of products to represent that can cover the house from the roof to the basement to the yard and garage. You represent it and there should be a baby boomer out there that will want it.

Even if they do not do their own work, they will still [prefer to select the products they want used in and on their home. Tapping into this top baby boomer category can lead to future financial success as baby boomers like to stay in their homes as long as they can and they want to like what they see on a day to day basis.

#4. Technology

Baby boomers cut their teeth on the ever changing category of technology. Computers were being made for the first time during the baby boomer generation. Cell phones came a little later but still within the baby boomer era.

It seems that baby boomers cannot get enough of technology products to make their lives easier. From smart phones to smart televisions to smart houses, baby boomers like technological products.

Being able to protect and communicate with their loved ones in the best ways possible is important to baby boomers and having the right technological products to achieve that objective makes technology a very desired category.

These products are not the only technology has produced that baby boomers want. They have many different hobbies that make that activity more enjoyable and fun. Targeting those hobbies where technology makes a lot of products will benefit your business.

Just do the right research to tap into this booming baby boomer market.

#5. Travel

Being able to travel to Africa or South East Asia to be a big game hunter may not be a top priority for baby boomers but going to exotic locations for some R & R is. From what we read baby boomers still like to travel and see the world.

Sometimes their travel is all about bragging rights. They have been to out of the way places that their friends haven’t gone to yet and that gives them a boost in status and allows them to brag a little.

That makes travel products and good vacation packages ideal products to represent. The Baby boomer is always in the market for a good travel or holiday deal. Even if it is just the opportunity to go see their kids, you can make a baby boomers’ life happier by getting them in touch with the right deal.

What products do baby boomers want? Some final words!

If you can tap into these categories, you will find a motivated audience that is looking for the right deal to make a purchase. Not all baby boomers are senior citizens or living in a nursing home. Even if they were, they would still want to be able to protect their families and see their grand kids.

What products do baby boomers want? Some of them are found n these top 5 categories.

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