Which Affiliate Marketing Company Is The Best For Baby Boomers?

To answer which affiliate marketing company is the best for baby boomers first decide what your business model is. As a baby boomer how do you want to make money as an affiliate?

There are 5 ways to make money in affiliate marketing. In 4 of them you will join an affiliate program or network.

With way #5 you will be the one starting your own affiliate program. We are not talking about doing that in this post.

The four ways to make money with an affiliate company are:

1. Pay per click.
2. Pay per lead.
3. Pay per sale.
4. Two tier affiliate programs.

Here we will break them down for you with the best affiliate company in each category as well as alternative companies that are good for baby boomers as well.

Pay Per Click

Google AdSense is the go to company for pay per click affiliate marketing. This is a simple business model because……

– Google sells the ads
– you paste some code on your blog
– when someone clicks on an ad you earn 68% of the price Google bills the advertiser.

All you do is focus on getting traffic to a blog post where the ads show up. Google’s algorithms match advertisers with the content on your blog post.

For example, if you have a blog post about training a puppy Google will deliver advertisers that match that theme. This is great because people will click on the ads if they see something that interests them.

The more traffic you get to that page the more potential ad clicks you will get and the more money you will make. The other strategy is to make more new blog posts and get traffic to them, so you have more posts to bring money into you.

Alternatives to Google AdSense are:


Cost Per Action

Cost per action, also known as Pay per lead or performance marketing , programs are easy as well. Promote an offer and when your blog visitor fills out a lead form, or downloads software, you make money.

You can find individual pay per lead programs, but the best source for these are to join an affiliate network. As a member you will gain access to multiple ppl and cpa programs to promote.

Max Bounty is a top affiliate network where you can find cpa offers to promote.

Other top affiliate networks for cost per action programs are:

Peer Fly

Offer Vault. This is not a cpa network, but is a great resource for finding top offers to promote. When you find one you join that network and then start promoting it.

Pay Per Sale Digital Products

pay pe rsale digital productsPay per sale is an affiliate business model where you get paid to sell stuff. Clickbank is an affiliate network with thousands of digital products you sell with one i.d. number.

They great thing about selling digital products with Clickbank is you earn up to 75% commissions on each sale. They are a Top 100 online retailer with over 200 million customers in 190 countries.

If you want to make money selling digital information Clickbank is the place to be. With one i.d. number you can plug into any affiliate link and immediately start selling that product. The whole system is great for baby boomers and anyone wanting an excellent affiliate network to align themselves with.

Pay Per Sale Physical Products

Amazon has an affiliate program where you have access to thousands of physical products to sell. Of course Amazon already has millions of customers so promoting your affiliate product page can lead to a lot of commissions for you.

It is very easy to get started with Amazon and they always pay on time. You will have a wide range of promotion tools and new products are added to Amazon all of the time.

2 Tier Affiliate Marketing

In a 2 tier affiliate marketing program you earn money on your personal sales and you earn money on people you personally recruit. As an example……

1. Your personal sales are 1st tier: 25%
2. Your recruits; sales are 2nd tier: 10%

This has not really caught on in the affiliate marketing world. It is different then an MLM program, because you are only paid on sales your first line recruit makes. There is no downline in 2 tier affiliate marketing.

We came across this in our research for 2 tier programs: 31 Two Tier Programs.

Which Affiliate Marketing Company Really Is The Best For Baby Boomers?

best affiliate program for baby boomersI personally like building niche blogs and selling advertising on them. As we listed above Google AdSense is a great program for baby boomers to use to sell ads because they do everything except create your blog posts.

Plan on spending 3-6 months just creating great content and getting some traffic coming to your blog. If you are in a niche where you can create quality content Google wants you in their AdSense program.

You can then add individual products from various affiliate programs as you see fit. As you will find out the are so many great affiliate programs to get into that is never the problem,

Summary: Which Affiliate Marketing Company Is The Best?

This is a very simplified view of which affiliate marketing company is the best for baby boomers. You may want to join them all and then monetize your blog with various offers depending on the post you are making!

Before you do that join Wealthy Affiliate for free. You will get all kinds of good training on affiliate marketing and will be able to find the very best affiliate programs even beyond what we have written on this article.

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